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2-in-1 Bamboo Flushable Diaper Liners & Wipes

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Great productLove these liners. Our baby'shower ottoman loves them too. They are wide enough to cover the diaper and they keep her dry.
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By Dean on January 4, 2017

Work greatThese wipes work great. We cut the roll in half and use a homemade camomile and coconut oil based solution on them.
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By Johnny on December 22, 2016

Love Them!Got these for my great-granddaughter. She loves them! Work very well. Will purchase again.
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By Denny Gagne on December 4, 2016

Excellent linersI love these liners. I've tried other brands and these are by far my favorite. Resistant, soft, flushable. They are perfect for my cloth diapers
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By Tatiana on November 14, 2016

Gift for almost new parents.I got these as a gift for almost new parents. I love they are bamboo and chemical free. They loved the gift and look forward to using them.
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By SW on November 1, 2016

Good oneNot used yet but hope will be very good. Liking much.
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By Pons on November 1, 2016

Cloth diapering made easyAs we got ready to welcome the little baby to our life, I started doing a lot of research on different diapers. Cloth diapering has come a long way and I wanted to try it just to see its benefits over regular disposable diapers and overall convenience. I must say that cloth diapering is almost easier and definitely economical with ...
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By Nuji on October 2, 2016

Baby Tooshy\'s Bamboo Cloth Diaper Liners--Bulk Roll Of 100, Strong Bamboo Fiber!!I babysit to help my family get extra cash for bills and I have found that the new lady I sit for only wants her children in cloth diapers. Now, I'm no expert on the subject but it was hard business when I first went around to changing them. The constant washing of the cloth diaper, every single day due ...
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By PennyxPincher on October 2, 2016

Gentler on your babies bums!!!Gentler on your babies bums!!!
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By Heidi Leech on September 27, 2016

Must Have For Fluff BumsWhy didn't I order these liners sooner? My nine month old has had serious diarrhea for the last few days in his cloth diapers. Normally I toss the solids in the toilet then rinse the diaper in the tub using the hand held shower, which works better than the toilet mounted sprayer. I then put the rinsed and drip dried ...
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By Wendy Browne on September 26, 2016

Terrific for Using as Baby WipesWhile we have yet to use these with our cloth diapers as liners, these have been terrific for using as baby wipes. They're really big so we actually cut them in half and use them along with an all-natural diaper cleanser and lotion in one. We've already purchased another roll just to be sure we have another on hand as ...
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By Stephanie W. on September 11, 2016

great ideaI love these for use with cloth diapers to cut down on stains from bowel movement I can just peel and flush, saving on laundry as well. Very easy to use comes in a nice roll that has perforated areas for each sheet. Can be very easily use for wipes as well, you can even take the whole roll and ...
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By MarksvilleandMe on June 11, 2016

Wonderful Make Clean Up A BreezeThese are great liners! I loved using them as wipes and they make yucky clean ups a breeze!
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By Amazon Customer on June 8, 2016

Don\'t Touch the Poo!These liners have made cloth diapering easier! There are many great benefits to cloth diapering, but there is the big downside and that is poo. Having to potentially touch poop, is not fun. I find that these handy little liners keep it contained and you just grab the corners and toss in the toilet or trash. Alternatively, you could just ...
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By Audree on May 30, 2016

awesome!So I can't quite jump on board with the cloth diaper thing, but I did get these for wipes :). They were super duper soft, and perfect for my baby's "tooshy". I like that these are natural and bamboo. These days I feel like anything goes, especially with baby products. We're so used to using and trusting what we grew ...
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By Ryanna on September 30, 2016

Fabulous wipes and linersI am quite impressed with the 2-in-1 bamboo cloth diaper liners and wipes from Baby Tooshy. First, I had never even considered using bamboo liners as wipes, but the material is absolutely for wiping and washing. I personally prefer to wet mine with just warm water, but you can also use your favorite wipe solution. The bamboo material is already ...
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By Heather Johnson on June 11, 2016

Thick, gentle, & safe for babyAfter trying and reviewing Cloth Diaper Liners & Wipes - Natural and Gentle on baby's skin-Dye & Fragrance Free. Holds poop for easy cloth diapering. Flushable & Biodegradable Bamboo Booster Pads. Extend diapers use-100 Sheets from Baby Tooshy, we found we liked them a lot. The liners are thick, not nearly see through {as compared to Gerber}. They won't tear ...
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By Kindle Customer on June 8, 2016

superb quality**I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.** Anyone that has ever used cloth diapers really needs to try these. I really love how soft they feel. To use them as wipes, one just needs to wet them a bit with either warm or room temperature water (so it feel better on the skin you're ...
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By Michelle on June 4, 2016

Uses for Bamboo Cloth Diaper linersCloth Diaper Liners & Wipes- This diaper liner pack comes in a roll that resembles half of a paper towel roll. The liners feel super thick and highly absorbent. I ordered these for preparation for my new little guy that will be here so very soon! I like the idea that they will not let any solid excrement escape. The ...
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By EbYoung on June 2, 2016



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