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Bamboo Velour Baby Washcloths – The Most Luxurious Double Layer Washcloth!

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Baby bath mustExcellent! Soft and great for baby baths.
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By Amazon Customer on November 26, 2016

Five StarsSoft and pleasant. Baby likes it.
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By M. Askew on November 12, 2016

Love \'em!Soft yet absorbant and large enough for a poop cleaning!
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By Sue Andrew on November 9, 2016

Moms, YOU\'RE gonna need a super soft washcloth, and this is it!Great product! They are incredibly soft. I bought these for the little one, but actually ended up using half of them as washcloths for myself. They're perfect for cleaning mom's pregnancy and post-pregnancy sensitive areas like sore, chapped nipples and other...uh...sore places... I bought a second pack for a friend's shower - not for the baby, but for her.
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By Amazon Customer on September 27, 2016

These are the next best thing since kissaluvs went out of businessThese are the next best thing since kissaluvs went out of business. Very soft. A bit large for a baby wipe, but a perfect size for messy faces and use as a handkerchief.
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By Mrs. Hig on September 16, 2016

Beautiful cloth. Super soft and durableBeautiful cloth. Super soft and durable. Perfect for cloth diapering wipes
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By SarahAndFam on September 15, 2016

Five StarsGreat product. Thanks.
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By Amazon Customer on September 9, 2016

Love these wash cloths so muchThese are well-crafted bamboo wash cloths that are perfect for tender skin, ensuring a comfortable wipe, whether you are using them for baby, or using them to clean makeup from your own skin. You can use them for baby changing, as burp cloths, and so much more. So sweet--each cloth is a standard size and has a bit of shine. ...
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By RCB on September 6, 2016

5 star product! From my kids and iiThis is my review for Baby Cloth Wipes made of bamboo that I got at a highly discounted price in exchange for my unbiased opinion. I have 2 5 year olds,a 4 year old and a 9 year old whom all use baby wash rags, so these come in handy in my house. These cloths are super soft. Softer than ...
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By Kissingslipknot88 on September 5, 2016

awesomeso so soft!! I know Im not hurting but rough washcloth
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By fun in the sun on September 3, 2016

Five StarsVery soft!! You can also use these for taking off makeup. They wash easily which is great. I have bought cloths like these from walmart.. but they would fall apart easily. Especially in the dryer. But not these! My daughter uses them to dry her hands. She also likes to use them as little blankies for her barbies 🙂
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By Amanda on September 2, 2016

Five StarsThese are so cute not to mention super soft, my son loves them!
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By Mboortz on August 23, 2016

Better alternativeThese are great. So much better then regular washcloths, and awesome compared to baby wipes you can by in the store. We have always found washcloths to be better but these Bamboo baby wipes leave old wash cloths in the dust when it comes to cleaning with a soft touch. You can use these for both washcloths and wipes depending ...
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By MarksvilleandMe on June 11, 2016

Super Soft and Plush with Beautiful Neutral Green ColorsMy family and I absolutely love the bamboo velour reusable wipes from Baby Tooshy. First and foremost, the bamboo material is super soft to the touch. These double-layered wipes are super plush and extremely comfortable on even the most delicate skin. A lot of my cotton washcloths end up feeling a little rough after a few uses. Bamboo, in comparison, ...
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By Heather Johnson on June 9, 2016

Nice & SoftI loved using these wipes! At first I was unsure but after their first wash and prep, using them became mine and my babies favorite wipe! Super soft and absorbent!
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By Amazon Customer on June 8, 2016

A velvety product baby and momma will adore!Awesome, awesome, and awesome again, these bamboo baby washcloths by Baby Tooshy are the softest, supplest, sweetest little rags money can buy! I was _so_ impressed by these washcloths. First, they came, six in a package, one on top of the other, in a plastic bag with a sticky flap. You opened the flap, and pulled them out, and instead ...
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By Jen Todd on June 5, 2016

So softThese are so soft I want pjs or a blanket made out of them. Besides being so soft they really do a great job. One side is soft and gentle and the other side feels a little more like a regular wash cloth so you have two surfaces on each one. I have not washed mine very much yet but ...
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By noreen on June 3, 2016

Amazing super softThe package is a really cute.I am a huge fan of Bamboo.The organic bamboo washcloths are very beautiful.They are very extremely soft and feel so good on my baby skin.The washcloths is made from organically grown bamboo, it is hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and antifungal.The organic bamboo velour washcloths was each are double sided.The washcloths come in a pack of six.I was ...
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By Tina on May 30, 2016

Super SoftI love these washcloths. I had originally ordered them thinking that I was going to use them to put in a baby shower gift basket BUT they were so beautiful and soft that I kept them for myself and ordered another set for the baby shower. They are made of bamboo and if you have never felt cloth made from ...
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By MarNGeorge on May 30, 2016

Bamboo Baby wipes washclothsThese bamboo reusable wipes are great, they are two sides and very soft. They are great for babies with sensitive skin. They are perfect for babies with rashes as they are not harmful to their skin. You can use these wipes/washcloths for burp rags, wipes, and washcloths​. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.
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By Carrie Hurst on June 15, 2016



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