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197 Funniest Laundry Memes

funniest laundry memes

Why you NEED Laundry Memes?

You need laundry memes, or even just one laundry meme, because laundry sucks.

You know you’ve got laundry to do and you’re going to start any moment, but you’re just looking for something funny, to motivate you. Am I close?

Or, if you’re not looking for a dirty laundry meme, you might be doing this and that around the house – anything else that you might have to do. That’s called procrastinating and it happens when we put off what we have to do, for later.

Let me also just say that finding 197 Laundry Memes, was not hard – at all. I have to grin because I’m not surprised. I suppose there’s so many of them out there because people need a laundry meme here and there to get themselves motivated. And why not – sorting clothes, washing, drying and then folding them, is probably one of the most tedious chores we have to do. What sucks is, we have to do it often and the bigger your family, the more laundry.

My kids throw everything in the laundry – as if I don’t have enough as it is. We are 7 people: 5 males and 2 females. If I count just the males: 7 shirts + 7 pants x 5 males = 70 pieces of laundry per week. That’s just to start. That does not include any underwear, pajamas, extra clothes, kitchen & bath towels and linens OR any of the females dirty laundry, or cloth diapers.

If you’re in a similar boat, or even a smaller boat, YOU deserve a Laundry Meme Break.

And if you’re a cloth diaper mom, you have more laundry than most so you really deserve this break!


I hope you enjoyed the Laundry Memes. If you’re a cloth diaper mom, you might also enjoy the cloth diaper memes that we compiled.

Gioula Chelten

Gioula Chelten

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