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Baby Tooshy Hemp Flat Cloth Diapers
Absorbent flat cloth diapers
cloth diaper flats for heavy wetters
flat cloth diapers for overnights
cloth diaper flats - how to prep
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Baby Tooshy Hemp Flat Cloth Diapers
Absorbent flat cloth diapers
cloth diaper flats for heavy wetters
flat cloth diapers for overnights
cloth diaper flats - how to prep

Hemp Flat Cloth Diapers – The Most Absorbent Flat Diaper!

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These fleece hemp flats have a fleece like side that naturally wicks away moisture without drying the skin out. They are easy to use with a diaper cover.
By M. York on May 27, 2016
These diapers are my absolute favorite in a Thirsties cover or a wool wrap. They are incredibly absorbent and have stayed soft after months of regular use and washing.
By Amazon Customer on January 25, 2017
These diapers are my absolute favorite in a Thirsties cover or a wool wrap. They are incredibly absorbent and have stayed soft after months of regular use and washing.
By Amazon Customer on January 25, 2017
Baby Tooshy’s Old Fashioned Cloth Diapers come with Many Benefits
Fold them however you like
Made of Premium Quality, Stretchy Hemp Jersey
Great for Overnights and heavy wetters.
Available in packs of six to save you money

Baby Tooshy's Flat Cloth Diapers - The Best Choice for Old Fashioned Cloth Diapers

Flat Cloth Diapers are easy to use and can be customized to suit your baby, whether you have a boy or girl, a back sleeper or a tummy sleeper.

Baby Tooshy’s Hemp Flat Diapers are made of natural fibers, they’re highly absorbent and very soft. They’re suitable for babies of any age, from newborn to potty training.

Baby Tooshy's Hemp Flat Diapers are Completely Customizable

Our One Size System flat diapers measure 27×27 inches, making them perfectly versatile for all kinds of flat diaper folds. That means you can use them from the day your baby is born, until they are being potty trained. They offer a lean fit and stay in place even when baby moves, so they’re great for crawlers too. Use snappi’s or diaper pins to secure them, or fold and place into any diaper cover or pocket diaper.

Great for Overnights or Traveling

Hemp is more absorbent than cotton and even bamboo – it is an absolute workhorse when it comes to absorbency, but be sure to prep your diapers first for them to be effectively absorbent. They are the top choice for moms, particularly when it comes to overnight diapering solutions because they hold up to 8oz of liquid. Our old fashioned cloth diapers are one layer, which makes them easy to wash and dry, thereby perfect for traveling while you are cloth diapering. Some parents use them as doublers at night.

Baby Tooshy’s Flat Cloth Diapers will Complement any Diapering System

There is no need to buy additional accessories once you start diapering with Hemp Flat Diapers because they will complement whatever system you already have. If you’re using pocket diapers, the hemp flat diapers can be folded and stuffed into your pockets, or just use any diaper covers you already have.

These Flat Cloth Diapers offer a Lean Fit

Baby Tooshy’s are trimmer and stretchier so you can pull them as you wish, to mold around your baby’s bottom. Depending on the type of folds you choose, they can offer a very trim fit and they’re comfortable for crawlers and walkers

Baby Tooshy Hemp Flat Cloth Diapers are Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal

Did you know that for disposable diapers to give your baby that “dry-feel”, they contain chemicals like Sodium Polacrylate. This is why baby can wear disposable for a long time before feeling uncomfortable. On the contrary, our Hemp flat diapers will wick away moisture from baby’s skin the natural way. They are made with natural fibers so they’re naturally antibacterial, breathable, holds less odors, are reusable, and reduces or eliminates diaper rashes.

Using Flat Cloth Diapers are Cost Effective

If you’re using a one-size system of flat diapers, you need only buy diapers once because those diapers can be used from birth to potty training. As your baby grows, you can adjust the flat diaper folds to suit your baby’s new diapering needs. Our flat cloth diapers also have finished edges to prevent fraying to ensure they are durable and long lasting.

Safe for Sensitive Skin because they’re Made from Organically Grown Hemp

Your Tooshy’s are unbleached and organic, and grown with no pesticides or fungicides. If you are concerned about skin sensitivities or your environmental impact, Hemp is a great option because it is gentle on baby’s skin, and growing hemp requires less watering than cotton. Using Eco friendly options such as these reduce millions of tons of waste in landfills, from disposable diapers.

Why you'll love our Hemp Flat Cloth Diapers

Folds can be customized for YOUR Baby.
Our flat diaper folds create thicker layers than other flats.
Thanks to the large size, you can fold it into various flat diaper folds.
One layer of fabric makes it easy to wash and dry.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Free Quick & Easy Return Policy.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Prepping your cloth diaper flats is as easy as starting a load of laundry. It is a simple step but it’s essential to ensure that your hemp flat cloth diapers are absorbent. Not prepping your diapers will absolutely cause leaks, particularly for our Hemp Flat Diapers because they are made of natural fibers, which contain natural oils. Prepping is simply the process of removing those natural oils and thereby making them absorbent – by washing them a few times.

Which side should I use on my baby's bottom

This is entirely a personal preference. Some moms like to use they fleece side because they say it wicks moisture about from baby’s skin but others believe the same thing happens when you use the other side as well.

How to fold a cloth daiper - What kinds of Flat Diaper Folds can I Use?

The sky is the limit when it comes to diaper folds and because your Tooshy’s are big at 27×27 inches, they can be used in various folds.

Will these flat diapers shrink after they're prepped?

Yes. Your Baby Tooshy Hemp Flat Cloth Diapers are made of natural fibers, so it will shrink slightly after you prep but but be assured this shrinkage is calculated in the manufacturing.
Got a question? We’d be happy help 🙂

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Hemp Flat Cloth Diapers – The Most Absorbent Flat Diaper!

  From (19) Amazon verified customer reviews

perfect overnight diaperI use it with no boosters as an overnight diaper, padfolded in a pocket diaper for my 9 month old daughter. It works perfect with no leaks and washes up great!
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By L. Hinterberger on April 2, 2017

These diapers are my absolute favorite in a Thirsties cover or a wool wrapThese diapers are my absolute favorite in a Thirsties cover or a wool wrap. They are incredibly absorbent and have stayed soft after months of regular use and washing.
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By Amazon Customer on January 25, 2017

Five StarsVery absorbent and doesn't chaff my babies skin. I cut a couple up and also use them as wipes.
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By Dorothy on July 23, 2016

Hemp flatsI am loving all of the products that Baby Tooshy has available from the bamboo products to these Hemp Flats for use as cloth diapers. I love helping out the environment by using more green items and using cloth diapers is a big way to help out with going green. Children go through a lot of diapers, I know we ...
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By MarksvilleandMe on June 11, 2016

Hemp is a Workhorse!These are awesome flats! Great for heavy wetters! Hemp really is a workhorse and I totally recommend these to anyone!
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By Amazon Customer on June 8, 2016

Great for a burp cloth!Using these as burp cloths (not diapers) and they are great. Super absorbable and very soft. I own other items that are sold as "burp cloths", and the spit up just sits on top of the fabric. These actually absorb the liquid so it doesn't get all over your clothes! My 5-week-old spits up a TON and these do a ...
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By Jessica on June 7, 2016

Easy to use and versatileBecause I am lazy in the laundry room, any new diaper that I add to my cloth diaper stash must fit into my current wash routine. I currently wash my diaper laundry on hot (water heat set to non-scald temperatures) with detergent (and sometimes OxiClean) followed by a cold rinse. I sometimes do a pre-wash with cold first for poopy ...
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By Heather Johnson on June 7, 2016

Super soft and comfortable.These are an amazing addition to any parents quest to be more environmentally aware. These hemp cloths are completely re-usable and washable. These are super absorbent, which means even as your child grows, these will still fit and will still hold the moisture. You can honestly use these for just about anything. Diapers, inserts, blankets, extra car seat padding... They ...
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By Laura B. on June 6, 2016

These work greatThese hemp cloth diapers work great. They can be used as a diaper, burp cloths or you can put them underneath the baby while they sleep so the sheets don't get wet if they leak out of the diaper. I have used them over night and during the day on my daughter. They are very absorbant. I received this product ...
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By Danielle Greene on June 3, 2016

Very Soft, feels heavyMy wife is currently pregnant and we planned that we will go for cloth diaper as they will save us money on the long run. I got some cloth diapers of each material so we have a variety and to see which one works better. When this cloth diapers came on the mail, we were so excited that the material ...
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By Beho N. on June 2, 2016

These are great!When I first started cloth diapering, I bought a cheap pocket diaper/insert bundle off eBay. They turned out to be terrible. They leaked overnight, couldn't be washed in water over 86 degrees, and required almost a dozen wash cycles per load to get all of the detergent rinsed out, and even then came out of the dryer with a barnyard ...
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By Karl on May 31, 2016

Work great!First of all, I paid full price for these. That being said, I really like these flats. I wanted something more breathable for my 2 year old. He is having some diaper rash issues and his pocket diapers were not letting his butt breath. I have not been cloth diapering very long, but hemp has become my go-to fabric. These ...
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By M. York on May 27, 2016

All natural next to your baby\'s skin.This review is for Baby Toothy, Cloth Diapers. The pack of 6 diapers is made of 55% Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton. One side is smooth and the other feels like a fleece. They wash and dry well, the edges are stitched well and they look like they will last for many uses. They can be used for a diaper ...
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By K. K. RAYL on May 19, 2016

works great and they are cheaper than the hemp inserts and ...I ordered this not for a flat, but to use for fabric. I cut up the flat into 4 pieces and then use them as hemp boosters in my little girls cloth pocket diapers, works great and they are cheaper than the hemp inserts and much more trim!! It does shrink a bunch..just fyi..
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By Fountain on February 9, 2017

Very absorbant for cloth diapersThese are very absorbant for my daughter. The only reason I took a star off was due to after the first was and dry they were already piling around the edges and frayed some. It doesn't affect my usage for them because I triple fold them for her cloth diapers. Will update review if anything changes!
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By Amber on July 10, 2016

Not for heavywettersI purchased these to use as cloth diaper inserts at night, hoping to find a solution to my little one waking up with his clothes soaking wet... but unfortunately he wet right through it before I was even able to get the diaper all the way on! Too thick once folded to even use with other inserts, so we just ...
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By jordan on January 14, 2017

Didn\'t work for usThese are not very trim. They advertise as being "trimmer than birdseye", but they're not! Although they hold quite a bit, we hated putting these on our baby. These arrived smaller than advertised, by a couple of inches. They were supposed to be 27" square, but they were more like 24" x 26". Additionally, they shrink unevenly and shrink to ...
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By G on January 3, 2017

I dont usually write negative reviews however I am very ...I dont usually write negative reviews however I am very disapppointed with this purchase. Even after thorough wash and dry these leave a rash after a long night. The other hemp brand did not as much. Also as a prefold they are ridiculously bulky and my baby could hardly bend down. I purchased these based on the raving reviews. In ...
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By Chris from CT on October 23, 2016

I bout these and as soon as I washed them ...I bout these and as soon as I washed them the lint went all over my charcoal bamboo inserts so I had to rewash them. Then when I used as flats in a fold the ends were never even.
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By Eskimo120 on July 9, 2016
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