Baby Tooshy Diaper Caddy
Diaper Caddy
Baby Tooshy Diaper Organizer
Changing Table Caddy
Diaper Organizer - Baby Tooshy
Baby Tooshy Diaper Caddy
Diaper Caddy
Baby Tooshy Diaper Organizer
Changing Table Caddy
Diaper Organizer - Baby Tooshy

Large Capacity Diaper Caddy Organizer

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It’s a great size for a diaper caddy. I can pack a weeks’ worth of diapers and wipes, plus burp cloths.
By Kelly Diamond on June 17, 2017
I’m really happy with this diaper organizer. It’s strong and sturdy. I already plan to use it for picnics when we’re out of diapers.
By Julia on July 11, 2017
Thank Heavens for small mercies. Now I don’t have to run around because everything I need fits comfortably.
By Millinah Jones on July 29, 2017
Baby Tooshy’s Diaper Caddy Organizer comes with Many Benefits
Portable and Easy to Carry with Strong, Sturdy Handles
Comfortably fits 60+ Size 5 Diapers & Full Wipe Container
Baby Kit for your car? Despite all this stuff, your new diaper stacker will NOT sag under a full load.
Perfect cloth diaper caddy, to help you stay organized.

Baby Tooshy's Diaper Caddy and Organizer - The Most Efficient and Practical Choice

Changing a dirty diaper is no-one’s idea of fun. And changing a squirmy baby is even worse. That’s why you need a diaper stacker that will hold all the stuff you need so that when you’re called to duty, you have everything right at your fingertips. No opening or unhooking or anything complicated – you can simply pull what you need with one hand, while tending to your baby with the other. No worries. No stress – just simple and practical.

Strong and Durable

New moms (and not-so-new moms) are always looking for baskets with liners for their nursery. Your Diaper Caddy can take all baby’s essentials. Go ahead, add in a full sleeve of diapers plus a full container of wipes. You know what – why not add two full sleeves of wipes. Plus, add in the brush, the clippers, teething gel, diaper cream, etc. The Baby Tooshy Diaper Caddy can handle it all and it won’t sag under a full load.

Easy Access

Babies are demanding little creatures, so as parents, we’re always running up and down to get this and that. With your new diaper organizer and storage caddy, there’s no more running around for the things you need, because everything is in one place. And no more worries about needing to refill the nursery basket after a few days either because your new storage caddy can take 60 x Size 5 diapers – with room to spare for your full size wipes and other basics.

Multi-Purpose Diaper Organizer

The Baby Tooshy diaper caddy may function as a storage caddy for cloth diapers or disposable diapers, baby’s feeding bottles, and breast-pump supplies. It’s a great basket for your nursery, but as soon as your baby outgrows diapers, your storage caddy remains useful; it can be confidently used for in-house and outdoor picnics, art supplies, road trips, beauty supplies, ball games, toys, pet supplies and whatever you want.


The Baby Tooshy Diaper Organizer is designed with durable cotton canvas and sturdy boards that will keep it sturdy and flat. Even with a full load, the bottom will not sag. It’s the perfect “baby things basket”because it’s made with durability in mind. Go ahead and buy with confidence, knowing that once baby is out of diapers, you can use it for a long time to come.

Quick and Easy Diaper Changes

The Baby Tooshy Diaper Organizer is easy to move around, thanks to it’s secure bottom and strong handles. You can carry it in your hand, or over your shoulder. And thanks to the dividers, everything stays organized. It can also be used as a cloth diaper caddy. It can hold your insert stuffed diaper covers or pocket diapers, AIO or AI2 diapers, plus your cloth wipes and solution, and diaper liners. It’s a great cloth diaper holder because it can hold a lot of stuff.

Large Capacity – No Need to Keep Refilling

With its large size, the Baby Tooshy Diaper Caddy has enough space for up to 60 size-5 Diapers, plus a full container of wipes and other baby supplies. You can use it with or without the divider. If you use it with your divider, you get different compartments for storage flexibility. Also, the plastic sleeves around the disposable diapers can be worrisome to some parents, because of the suffocation threat. Stop worrying about that. With your Baby Tooshy caddy, you can throw away the sleeve immediately because the diapers in most diaper sleeves will fit completely into a Baby Tooshy diaper stacker.

Easy, Convenient and Versatile

Running errands or taking a trip? No worries. Everything you have is already at your fingertips. You can simply put it in the car and you’re ready to go. Some of our parents have two diaper caddies – one for the house, and one for the road. That way, whether you’re at home or out and about, you’re always ready for whatever baby throws at you. Think diaper blow outs or a chocolate covered baby- while you’re grocery shopping.

Each Baby Tooshy Diaper Caddy comes with a removable divider and strong boards to keep everything upright and organized.

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More reasons to love your new Diaper Caddy Organizer

Large Capacity. Your caddy can easily hold a full size wipes container, with room to spare. You could even stock up on 2 full size wipes.
Easy to Wipe Clean. Little fingers leave little messes, but this mess can be wiped clean with a little soap and water.
Complements any Nursery. Neutral Chevron Grey comfortably fits in any theme you have already created.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Free Quick & Easy Return Policy.
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FAQ – How big is the Baby Tooshy Diaper Caddy?

The diaper caddy measures 13.5 inches wide x 10.5 inches long x 7.5 inches deep. This gives you plenty of space to add a full sleeve of diapers plus a full container for wipes. There will still be room left for accessories. This diaper stacker has 8 x full length pockets on the side.

is this diaper caddy foldable?

Yes, it is foldable. Simply remove the dividers and the board at the bottom. It folds up neatly for the next time you need it.

Is this diaper stacker recommended as a baby shower gift?

Absolutely. In fact, it’s a great baby shower gift because it has the ever popular chevron stripes. Since it’s grey – it’s neutral, so it’s suitable for boys and girls. Another reason why it’s so popular, is because it fits nicely into their nursery decor. And all new moms need baskets for their nursery, and this is a perfect one because it’s portable with strong handles, and it’s so versatile.

Can this diaper organizer be cleaned?

Yes. Light spills can be wiped down with a little water and soap.

I’d like to use this as a changing table caddy. Is that possible?

Absolutely. Some of our moms have said that they use it in the drawer of their changing table, to help keep things organized. What’s great about this caddy is that if baby needs a diaper change anywhere else, you can move it because it’s portable.

Can it stand up straight without the dividers?

Yes, absolutely. The sides and bottom stays strong and sturdy with or without the dividers. You can also organize your diaper caddy as you see fit, with no dividers, 1 or 2 dividers.

Can I use this caddy outside?

Yes. This is a multi purpose caddy that you can use for baby’s diapers, your breast pumping supplier, baby’s bottle, picnics, toys, ball games, or really whenever you need portable storage.

Can I use this to store cloth diapers?

Yes, absolutely. Depending on what type of cloth diapers you use (AIO, Pocket Diapers, etc), you can get a weeks’ worth of cloth diapers in the caddy. It’s a great way to store cloth diapers.
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What our Customers say about

Large Capacity Diaper Caddy Organizer

  From (9) Amazon verified customer reviews

A perfect addition to any baby roomThis is the perfect size to hold diapers, wipes, a changing pad, and cream. You could also use it in other areas of your home. It is very well made and just looks expensive.
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By Aimee on October 4, 2017

Perfect for our nurseryI love this diaper caddy organizer! The design is pretty and works for boys or girls. The caddy is very sturdy and made of a nice quality fabric. It has the perfect amount of storage space and has pockets on the sides for little extras! I love how organized it keeps everything. It works perfectly for all our diaper changing ...
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By Ashleigh S. on September 26, 2017

LOVE THISThis is one great product, Its greatly made with really good fabric. I feel this is great to use to keep all the baby stuff at one place. I love it because I have a two story house and this is great when I go downstairs with the baby, all the lotions, diapers, creams, clothes, etc all stay at one ...
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By Sana G on September 21, 2017

Not just for diapers!This is a great sturdy, and spacious fabric covered box! The handles are well made and sturdy too! I got this for one thing. Im the kind of mom who likes to be prepared for the school week on a sunday. I lay 5 outfits for the week out every sunday. This is just what I was needing! I don't ...
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By A Toler on September 11, 2017

Great diaper caddyWhen I ordered this it had no reviews and I felt I was taking a gamble. But I love this thing. It is sturdy, it does not flop over and it holds so much. Totally worth the money
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By SaraSmile29 on August 28, 2017

Great Diaper Caddy!I'm so glad I chose this caddy because it's better than I expected. It's spacious and sturdy and cute! I can carry it from bedroom to living room easily.
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By PetersonFam on August 28, 2017

Fits comfortablyThank Heavens for small mercies. Now I don’t have to run around because everything I need fits comfortably.
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By Millinah Jones on July 29, 2017

Great SizeIt’s a great size for a diaper caddy. I can pack a weeks worth of diapers and wipes, plus burp cloths.
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By Kelly Diamond on July 17, 2017

Strong and sturdyI’m really happy with this diaper organizer. It’s strong and sturdy. I already plan to use it for picnics when we’re out of diapers.
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By Julia on July 11, 2017
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