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Bamboo Charcoal Cloth Diaper Inserts

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I really like that they have gussets to help keep in everything and [they] are perfect for the price!
By Emily on August 17, 2016
I’m really happy with these. I’m using them on my 6 month old-very petite daughter(12 ibs).
By Erin on September 9, 2016
Love these inserts!! They are extremely strong absorbency!! I actually already ordered another 6 pack!
By Milhu on September 4, 2016
Baby Tooshy’s 5-Layer Bamboo Diaper Inserts come with Many Benefits
Very Absorbent to reduce leaks
Antibacterial, Antifungal & Hypoallergenic to Prevent Odors
Soft & Comfortable yet Strong and Durable.
Made of the Highest Quality, Organically Grown Bamboo

Baby Tooshy's Bamboo Charcoal Cloth Diaper Inserts - The Best Choice for Organic Diapering

Baby Tooshy’s Bamboo Charcoal Cloth Diaper Inserts offer 5 thirsty layers to absorb all baby has to throw at it. Our bamboo diaper inserts come with DOUBLE gussets to mold around your baby, thereby offering extra protection from leaks.

Baby Tooshy’s Bamboo Charcoal Inserts are antibacterial and hypoallergenic to reduce odors and diaper rashes.

Every 6-Pack of Baby Tooshy’s Cloth Diaper Inserts come with a FREE Bamboo Velour Reusable Wipe.

Bamboo Cloth Diapers Are Naturally Diaper Rash Resistant

Bamboo is a natural fabric. That makes it antibacterial, antifungal, hypoallergenic, and breathable. Because of these features, there is less bacteria, less odors and diaper rashes. Baby Tooshy’s Bamboo Cloth Diaper Inserts allow maximum air circulation and keeps the temperature down inside baby’s diaper, thereby reducing the risk of bacteria.

Baby Tooshy's Bamboo Inserts Are Soft, Thick & Comfortable

Bamboo Diapers are softer than other natural fabrics, like Hemp or Cotton. Because they are naturally porous, they are able to wick moisture away from baby’s skin, thereby making it the ideal choice for baby’s with sensitive skin. It’s the go-to option for many cloth diaper moms and dads for overnights and heavy wetters, because it’s less bulky than a prefold diaper, and won’t bunch up inside the diaper. Thanks to increased elasticity, they’re more comfortable to wear.

Organic Bamboo Cloth Diapers Are Super Absorbent

Baby Tooshy’s Bamboo Cloth Diaper Inserts are made with 5 very thirsty layers. These Bamboo Charcoal Diaper Inserts absorbs up to 8oz of liquid, quickly, which means less leaking. In fact, they can absorb up to 3x their weight in liquids, and they absorb 70% more than cotton. The inserts also have double layered gussets that shape around baby’s bottom, which also helps in preventing leaks.

Bamboo Cloth Diapers Are Cost Effective

They are a one-size system, which means you can use them from the time your baby is a newborn, till they are toddlers and ready to potty train, or even longer for bedwetters. Baby Tooshy’s Bamboo Inserts work with any existing diapering system you already have, so they will happily complement your current cloth diapering system. Bamboo diapers wash and dry easily and no extensive washing routine is required, which is yet another reason why it is the fabric of choice for diaper donations to babies in Haiti.

Baby Tooshy Bamboo Cloth Diaper Inserts Are Durable & Reusable

Quality construction means that they will last through years of washes, which means you can use them from one baby to the next. They’re ideal if you’re new to cloth diapering or even if you’re an experienced cloth diapering mom or dad. They’re also much appreciated Baby Shower Gift.

Baby Tooshy's Bamboo Inserts Have Insulating Properties

This feature allows for our diapers to feel cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter. Thanks to their breathability, the temperature inside the diaper will not rise too high. This is a touchy issue for some parents who fear that diapers that get too hot may have negative effects on baby boys and reproduction when they get older.

Made from Organically Grown Bamboo, Baby Tooshy Inserts Are Easy To Care For

Once they are prepped, they are a work-horse and caring for them is a breeze because they don’t demand special cloth diaper detergents or care instructions. (Do not use fabric softeners and diaper rash cream while cloth diapering because this will leave an oil layer on your cloth diapers, which may make it harder for them to absorb liquids. Please view our handy guide to washing cloth diapers). Because of their color, they have the ability to hide stains effectively.

Get a FREE Bamboo Velour Reusable Cloth Wipe when you buy a Baby Tooshy’s Bamboo Diaper Insert 6-Pack

All sales come with a 100% – No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee

Why you'll love our Bamboo Diaper Inserts - The Best Cloth Diaper Inserts Available

5 Thirsty Layers. Outer layers offer natural, anti microbial protection to prevent diaper rashes and to wick moisture away. Inner layers offer extra absorbency.
Double Gussets. Baby Tooshy Bamboo Diaper Inserts mold around your baby, providing extra protection from leaks.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Free Quick & Easy Return Policy.
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FAQ – Prepping your Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diaper inserts/ prefolds/ flats, including the Baby Tooshy Bamboo Inserts, need a round of prepping before they get anywhere near baby’s rear end. Don’t worry – prepping your cloth diaper inserts is simple but it’s an important step that you need to follow. By prepping your cloth diapers, you make them more absorbent. If you don’t prep them, baby’s urine may slide right off the insert and that will cause leaks. Therefore, prepping your cloth diapers make them ready for full absorbency. Cloth diapers made from natural fabrics like cotton, hemp and bamboo, have natural oils in them. Prepping is the process of removing those natural oils and thereby making them absorbent.

How to Prep your Bamboo Diapers with a Hot Wash

Prepping your bamboo diapers can be a little easier than prepping cotton or hemp. Regardless, you do need to wash them in hot water and detergent. The amount of times that you need to run them through the washer varies. Some parents say twice, some much more but it’s important to note that while prepping, you do not need to dry them between washes. Also, you can do two washes in hot water, dry them and test to see if they are absorbent, or not. If they are not, you may need to prep them a few more times. Prepping is a chore but it is truly a vital step.

Please be aware that natural fabrics will shrink. This does not mean there is something wrong with them – it is just the nature of natural fabrics. Most manufacturers, including us at Baby Tooshy, account for that shrinkage.

Prepping Cloth Diapers on the Stove

Boiling your Bamboo Diaper Inserts is an effective way of stripping them, especially if you only have a few to prep. However, keep in mind that you do not want to boil inserts or diapers with snaps and PUL because the boiling water may melt or damage them. If you have a large pot, fill it with water, plop it on your stove, and bring it to a boil. Once it’s there, put as many of your inserts as you can safely fit in into the water, and boil for 20 minutes to half an hour. Then pull them out to cool and dry – they’ll retain the heat for about as long as you’ve boiled them. Once it’s prepped, you can wash them in your normal wash but keep in mind that fabric softeners are not recommended for cloth diapers.

How do I know if my Bamboo Diapers are fully Prepped and ready to use?

Other than testing them on your baby, there is really no way of knowing whether it is fully prepped or not. But, as mentioned above, Bamboo Diapers are usually quicker to be prepped than other natural fibers. Bamboo Diapers are a great and safe bet for organic diapering, plus they are really easy to use and they come with many natural benefits that only natural fibers can offer.

How do I wash my cloth diapers

Washing your cloth diapers is very easy to do. Throw your soiled diapers in the washing machine. A pre-rinse is recommended but not required. Then, wash your diapers with detergent on a normal cycle. Please be sure not to include fabric softeners in your cloth diaper loads as this will make them less absorbent. More information about washing cloth diapers can be found here.
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Bamboo Charcoal Cloth Diaper Inserts

  From (31) Amazon verified customer reviews

Great!These are the worlds best inserts!!! They are our go to inserts. I'll be ordering more for sure!! They outlast any other inserts or diapers ever.
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By Jaci on March 20, 2017

Five Starslove these liners and they are super absorbent as advertised!
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By Stephanie Scott on March 16, 2017

So far these are working great for my heavy wetting daughterSo far these are working great for my heavy wetting daughter. Microfiber inserts just do not work well for her. These do need to be washed a few times before using to prevent leaking.
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By Rebeka pfluge on March 7, 2017

i will be ordering more of these but i would really love to see you make more charcoal inserts without the ...These are very soft and absorbs well! I use them to stuff in pocket diapers but they will also be used in my diaper covers that i will be purchasing soon.these help keep baby feeling dry also because the outer layer is FLEECE! Thank you baby tooshy..i will be ordering more of these but i would really love to see ...
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By Christina on February 8, 2017

Great productExactly as promised. Feels great and absorbs a lot.
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By Brighteyes17 on December 27, 2016

Five StarsLove these. Easy to use in diaper cover of your choice (mine are Grovia). Highly absorbent.
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By Lea Stanton on September 24, 2016

I love these inserts and would definitely buy againThe ends frayed upon first wash, but that's the only thing negative. I love these inserts and would definitely buy again
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By Kristin Cobb on September 18, 2016

LoveStays dry! Love them
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By Carolina Alba Merlo on September 13, 2016

Work well with BumGenius one size pocketsI'm really happy with these. I'm using them on my 6 month old-very petite daughter(12 ibs). I'm using them with BumGenius one size pocket diapers. I have stuffed them in the pocket and used them right up against her skin on top of the cover. Both ways work well. She is still on the smallest pocket cover setting. I really ...
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By Erin on September 9, 2016

Great insertsHave been using these for a few months now and they have held up well and are super absorbent.
Read more >

By Molly S. on September 9, 2016

Great inserts!! Very Heavy Duty!!Love these inserts!! They are extremely strong absorbency!! I actually already ordered another 6 pack! And sometimes I take out my other inserts and just use this and it holds up for about 2-3 hours! And they fit my diapers nicely too. Sometimes I just add one of these inserts with a 4 layered hemp inserts and we are good ...
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By Milhu on September 4, 2016

Great inserts. Very good absorbency!Love these. Some of the best inserts I've used to far. Would definitely love to get more.
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By kettch00 on August 31, 2016

Great value!Call me cheap but I really didn't want to spend about $15 for these inserts but desperately needed a more absorbent insert for our cloth diapers... These are worth every penny and then some. I have 3 other types of liners and these are the best, and I ordered another pack today. If your baby can pee the size of ...
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By CA on August 18, 2016

Game changing inserts!After a ton of research I found these diaper inserts. I really like that they have gussets to help keep in everything and are perfect for the price! They're extremely soft and fit perfectly in my cloth diapers. They are SO absorbent and I only need to use one insert at night for my four month old. I will definitely ...
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By Emily on August 17, 2016

They are very soft and thick. I realylove itThey are very soft and thick. I realylove it. amazing!
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By Amazon Customer on August 13, 2016

Five StarsThese are amazing!
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By Amazon Customer on August 1, 2016

Love love loveLet me start off by saying these are probably some of the softest inserts I've ever felt. I am currently cloth diapering a 20-month-old Who is an extremely heavy wetter. He typically drinks several 8 is cups of water a day. For this reason during the day we double or triple stuff our diapers. This makes it very difficult for ...
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By Artistic Mom on June 23, 2016

Fantastically soft!These are amazingly soft inserts. Maybe a bit bulky, but DEFINATELY absorbent. Cant hold up to 8oz. Of liquid. Paired with a good cloth diaper, your baby is sure to a soft "Tooshy". These come with re-usable wipes to try, and a 100% guarantee. I recieved these deeply discounted for my personal review. #clothdiaperinserts
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By Laura B. on June 13, 2016

love theseWe have raised 5 of our own children and have diapered many other people's children along the way. As a parent thinking back I wish we had gone with the cloth diaper option because it would have saved the landfills a lot of extra diapers from having to break down over the years. These are well made with gathered sides ...
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By MarksvilleandMe on June 11, 2016

Super absorbent!These are some of the best inserts I have ever used! They are great for overnight use and heavy wetters!
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By Amazon Customer on June 8, 2016

Great product. We bought a few brands and thisGreat product. We bought a few brands and this one was by far the best that we just ordered 12 more inserts. They are perfect for nighttime especially with a heavy wetter. They do make the diapers big so some of the smaller outfits are tight but easily fixed with other clothes. So worth the investment and piece of mind ...
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By Amazon Customer on June 5, 2016

Love the dark color, very fluffyThis cloth diaper inserts are 5 layers each, made from natural organic fabrics which are very breathable, antibacterial, antifungal which makes less diaper rashes, less odors and feels better on the baby’s skin. I liked that its dark in color, it is like chocolate dark brown. This will makes any stains not physically visible. The diaper inserts is very soft ...
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By Beho N. on June 2, 2016

Nice super absorbent cloth diapersI bought this to alternate with the regular diapers so my sons feels airy and more relaxed with these as during the summer he tend to get diaper rash with the normal diapers . One of my friend suggested that cloth diapers help with diaper rashes so I tried this and am happy the 5 layer cloth diaper provides nice ...
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By Fathima on May 29, 2016

fell in love.I am a cloth diapering mother for 2 years and use almost every type of cloth diaper. I mainly use pockets. When received these I was jaw dropped. They are so thick and soft. They would be great for a prefold to. They are gusset. They are a must get then you will truly understand how freakin awesome they are. ...
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By cammraj on May 19, 2016

Awesome!I did receive this product for free in return for an unbiased review. All these opinions are my own. Shipping was fast and I received my order within the 2 day shipping period. My package arrived exactly as described and packed nicely. These work perfectly for my nephew. He often has several allergies so we have to be careful with ...
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By Jana on May 16, 2016

Four StarsVery absorbent and thick material!
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By Abel on September 15, 2016

Absorbent, Easy Prep, Very SoftI am a cloth diapering mama to two little ones and so I was excited to try out this product on my 19 month old and my 2 month old. The product arrived as described with 6 inserts, one velour washcloth, and an info sheet which contained some information and instructions. I've been using these inserts on my children for ...
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By Thrifty Nifty Life on May 31, 2016

Fits All My Various Cloth DiapersI have tried these in Thirsties, G Diapers (medium), KaWaii Baby, SimplyCloth and even a homemade one and these inserts fit every cloth diaper that I tried. I stripped these twice prior to use as directed and they kept their color and shape and the water was clear. **When I pulled them out of the washer, the sides of the ...
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By Audree on May 30, 2016

Great newborn liner!These cloth inserts are really great if you don't have a heavy wetter. My daughter is 15 months and is a heavy wetter, so when she goes, it usually fills the insert and leaks out. Other than that they work really well. I imagine these working great for smaller babies, just not such big kiddos. They wash much easier than ...
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By Emilio on May 27, 2016

A little leaky for a bedwetterThe pads were easy to prep and they are very plush. They are a bit leaky at times but that happened overnight. I am using this product for a bed wetter and was hoping to stop using disposable nighttime underwear.
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By College mom on December 21, 2016

Will not buy againSo I will not be buying these again. I used them both as in two-in-one with a cover and also stuffed in pockets. The best part for me was the gussets but the elastics gave out in under four months with light use (I have others I like better and only reach for these when everything else was dirty); which ...
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By Egmort on March 17, 2017
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